360° Assessment for Senior Leaders & Managers

Senior Leaders

Our Senior Leaders' evaluations facilitate alignment with the company's purpose, vision, and strategic goals, which are delivered through authentic leadership, effective management, and a thriving, engaged culture.


Holding Ourselves and Each Other to Account

Benefits of Using Johari360


Nurturing future leaders is essential for any organisation's long-term success, and Johari360° is a powerful tool in achieving this goal. By offering a comprehensive, multi-source feedback mechanism, Johari360° helps identify and develop potential leaders within an organisation, ensuring a strong leadership pipeline for the future.


Firstly, Johari360° provides a holistic view of an individual's performance by collecting feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors. This 360° perspective is crucial in uncovering blind spots and areas for improvement that may not be apparent through self-assessment alone. This comprehensive feedback is invaluable for aspiring leaders as it highlights strengths and weaknesses, offering a clear path for development. Understanding these areas allows emerging leaders to focus on their growth, enhancing their effectiveness and readiness for higher responsibilities.


Secondly, Johari360° fosters enhanced self-awareness, a key attribute for effective leadership. By combining external feedback with self-evaluation, individuals gain a balanced view of their capabilities and areas needing improvement. This heightened self-awareness helps future leaders align their self-perception with how others see them, promoting authenticity and emotional intelligence—critical traits for successfully leading teams. Self-aware leaders are better equipped to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and build strong, trust-based team relationships.