Johari360° Evaluations

A high-performing leadership culture requires leaders to appreciate any behavioural blind spots that inhibit strategic delivery. Achieving 5th Level Management maturity takes valuable time and money. The Johari360° Evaluation tool accelerates the process by allowing the business and individuals to spot, intervene and provide more tailored and cost-effective development.

Best for company investment and the individual.

We build our bespoke digital evaluations based on your strategic goals and refine the competencies necessary to deliver these goals. Our accredited facilitators deliver the 360° evaluation results back to the individuals with respect, care and attention so individuals can hear the feedback and plan their next steps to develop and enhance their capability to deliver the strategic ambitions.

Our Masters in Minds team have over 100+ years of experience in senior positions enabling us to lead, design and deliver effective evaluations.

Our team of experts will design the evaluation, and Johari360° does the rest, saving time and money Responders can answer the questions openly and honestly Johari360° reports the growth opportunities for each individual
A bespoke plan that individuals can implement When actions are delivered, participants will know their views are understood and valued One aligned goal across an organisation

Johari 360°

The Johari model was developed in 1955 by psychologists Joseph Lutz and Harry Ingham. The 4-box psychology model is a technique to create a better understanding of the self within a dynamic group.

It is most useful to improve communication between group members and to enhance the individual’s perception of others.

We blend Johari’s model into your 360° competencies and deliver an evaluation aligned to your company's mission and strategic goals.

Why conduct a Johari360°

With over 50 years of business experience, the most common problem we hear and see is communication, and a 360° is an effective way to communicate feedback.

There isn’t one organisation that we have helped that doesn't have this problem.

Bad news doesn't travel up line. Instead, this process highlights any blind spots and identifies areas of development that leaders don't get to hear and see.

Many organisations don't have a culture of authentic, candid communication. It requires high-levels of self and peer awareness as well as courage and great communications skills to deliver effectively.

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